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Home caregiver pilot program

Applicants must come to Canada to work as a home childcare provider or a caregiver for people with significant medical needs with a Canadian family and must be able to qualify for permanent residency after two years of work in Canada. Caregivers are offered the opportunity to work for a Canadian family for up to three years and three months once their profile is published.

Caregivers are qualified to care for children and others with special medical requirements, such as the elderly or people with disabilities, without supervision. Caregivers can live and work in Canada for up to four years.

As a result, caregivers with at least two years of Canadian work experience can apply for permanent residence in Canada while still working in Canada. They can also include close relatives in their application for permanent residence status and get permanent resident status for the relatives at the same time

Humanitarian and compassionate

Only in the most challenging and extreme cases, as a last resort for a person whose circumstances and factors may be sufficiently compelling to qualify for H&C consideration, can one apply for humanitarian and compassionate reasons.

We’ve been fortunate to add a few successful applications, allowing these people to immigrate to Canada and build a future for themselves. We’ll evaluate your alternatives and recommend the best course of action.

The following considerations are often considered by immigration officials when deciding whether to grant an application on humanitarian grounds:

  • The applicant’s decision to stay in Canada was due to circumstances beyond their control.
  • Unfavourable conditions in the applicant’s home country
  • How long has the petitioner been a resident of Canada?
  • How long has the applicant lived in the same community in Canada?
  • Relationships with family members in Canada, as well as those family members’ current immigration/citizenship status
  • Is it possible for the family to be together in another country?
  • Every member of the family’s situation is unique.
  • Family members’ financial reliance on the candidate
  • The applicant’s career history and financial management skills
  • Whether the candidate has become a part of the community by participating in community organizations or other activities.
  • Whether or not the candidate and his family have a clean criminal background.

Labour Market Impact Assessment

While hiring a foreign national, a Canadian business must obtain a labour market impact assessment (LMIA). A positive LMIA signifies that the position requires hiring a foreign worker.
It will also demonstrate that no Canadian worker or permanent resident is available. A “legitimate” employment offer or confirmation letter is sometimes referred to as a positive LMIA, and employers must apply for an LMIA if they require one.
With our LMIA services, we can assist you. An application for an LMIA is a lengthy procedure.
We’ll work with you to make sure you submit the most comprehensive applications possible and keep you informed every step of the journey, to attain a favourable outcome.